Frequently Asked Questions

  • Operating System Supported :Linux, Windows, MAC, iPAD, Android OS
  • Supported Browser: Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • Flash Player ( Java Run Time Environment
  • Head phone
Only the presenter needs to have Java installed to share their desktop.. To download Java onto your computer, visit the Java download page.Screen sharing works for Mac, Unix, and PC platforms. But it only works on Firefox.
While you can’t choose a specific window, on Windows you can share a specific region of your desktop and place the window within that region.
Yes. webcon uses LibreOffice 4.3 for converting Microsoft Office documents into PDF for display in webcon
If others in the voice conference don’t hear you when you speak, it’s likely that Flash has picked the wrong microphone on your computer. You can change this with the following steps:
  • Right-click within the webcon client
  • Choose “Settings…” from the flash pop-up menu
  • Click the microphone icon
  • Try choosing a different microphone from the drop-down list
  • You see a volume indicator next to the drop down for choosing a microphone. Try selecting a different microphone. When you select the active microphone, you’ll immediately see activity in the volume indicator when you speak. Close this Flash settings dialog and others in the voice conference should now hear you.
When you’re inside the client, right-click, go to Settings > Microphone Icon > select your microphone, and talk to see if it works by checking the volume
To share your webcam, click the Share/Stop Sharing My Webcam icon on the left corner of the webcon client screen.
To start session, click the Start recording icon on the left corner of the webcon client screen.